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PSRP Reporter
Winter 2013/2014


Feature Story
Delivering the Digital Future

School and college tech workers reclaim the promise of education.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) has come a long way since the “blue screen of death” that could shut down a college or halt a school district’s payroll. School support staff who work in IT and remember those days were the ones responsible for building newer, more stable systems. And boy, did they ever. Today, these professionals are still sniffing out the newest and coolest tech tools for their students.

Few of us pause to consider how essential technology is to reclaiming the promise of public education. But let’s take a second to think about tech workers. They keep schools and colleges up and humming. Endlessly patient, quietly dedicated and highly skilled, these support staffers work behind the scenes to make sure students get the best education possible.

“IT people in the AFT—you never hear about us, but we’re there,” says Tom Connolly, a tech specialist and testing coordinator at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh and a member of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers. Besides computers and copying machines, he supports Smart Boards, tablets, applications, online grade books, curricula and the databases needed for testing.


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