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PSRP Reporter
Spring 2014


Feature Story
Safe and Welcoming Schools

Creating an environment for learning in our neighborhood public schools.

AT TERRYTOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, the day begins when each child is greeted at the front door. Inside the Louisiana school, AFT members work hard to ensure their students feel safe and welcome every day. Custodians keep the halls sparkling clean and the classrooms free of distractions; the custodial staff was recently increased, so the job is manageable. Nine ELL paraprofessionals guide children who are still learning English. Food service personnel ensure students have a nutritious breakfast in their classrooms—which is more convenient and comfortable for students—and lunch in the cafeteria. Maintenance and security staff make sure surveillance cameras are in working order so that everyone feels safe in the building.

And every morning, Terrytown students recite a bully-free pledge as part of a schoolwide effort to create a positive, supportive culture: “I am a kid against bullying, and I will: Speak up when I see bullying. Reach out to others who are bullied. Be a friend whenever I see bullying.”


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