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Public Employee Advocate
Summer 2014

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Pushing back

Workplace bullying is a serious problem that should not be tolerated.

IT CAN BE LOUD and visible, or it can be subtle and discreet, but any way you cut it, workplace bullying is a serious and dangerous problem. Defined by the Workplace Bullying Institute as “repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators,” workplace bullying—and the emotional and physical toll it takes on its victims—is increasingly attracting the attention and concern of unions and employers.

Efforts to address workplace bullying are consistent with the AFT’s initiative to reclaim the promise of safe and healthy workplaces.

In February, the Kansas Organization of State Employees and AFT-Kansas led the charge in pushing for the introduction of an anti-workplace bullying bill in the state Legislature. “Around our country, from school lunchrooms to professional football locker rooms, the problem of bullying has increasingly come to light,” a KOSE statement about the proposed anti-bullying legislation says. “Kansas is no different, and state workers are asking their legislators to require all state agencies [to] acknowledge and address this important issue.”


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