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Public Employee Advocate
Fall 2013

Feature Story

A Healthy Outlook

Healthcare options are giving state workers a healthier, brighter future—and saving money.

REGARDLESS OF where you live or what kind of work you do, we all share one goal—staying healthy. Some AFT members are finding it easier to meet that goal, thanks to their unions and to state leaders who recognize that a healthy workforce can save money as well as lives.

In several states, including Colorado, Connecticut and Montana, AFT affiliates have been breaking new ground when it comes to increasing the healthcare options of the state workers they represent.

All 50 states provide health insurance coverage for their active state employees. About 3.4 million state workers and retirees are covered by these plans. In recent years, rising insurance premiums and state fiscal problems have led to more proposals to increase the employee share of healthcare costs through higher co-payments and deductibles, among other things.


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