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Fall 2013


Feature Story
At Sea

State policies leave families with a few good options.

TODAY, MANY STUDENTS face a stark choice: go to college and acquire a mountain of debt that will come due right after graduation, or forgo college altogether. Sadly, this choice is the primary one confronting those who stand to gain the most from higher education: the economically disadvantaged and people of color.

Nationwide, the mountain of student debt has climbed to more than $1 trillion.

We cannot solve the nation’s education debt problem without confronting the other challenges that beset our system of higher education. First among them is the pattern of states stepping back from investing taxpayer dollars in public higher education. 


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AFT On Campus is the newspaper of AFT’s higher education division. It covers issues of interest to full-time and part-time faculty and academic staff at colleges and universities, as well as topics such as the academic staffing crisis, academic freedom, funding, federal legislation, and the advocacy and professional work of members. AFT On Campus is published five times a year and is mailed to all higher education members of the AFT as a benefit of membership. Single copies are free on request. Questions, comments and inquiries about AFT On Campus should be sent to its managing editor Barbara McKenna.  
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