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Summer 2014


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We are all contingent

Reorganizing higher education and society.

The shape of higher education, as of society, is changing. In our not-for-profit institutions, policymakers and managers are working to reorganize academic employment to at-will, just-in-time, pay-for-“performance” work. They are reorganizing colleges and universities to operate like businesses seeking to maximize institutional revenues and minimize investment in instruction. This model serves corporate business’s needs. But it’s a disservice to a large portion of our student populations, particularly the growing number of low-income, underserved populations that are seeking educational opportunity.

At the same time, academic employees are pushing back. We are working collectively to re-establish working conditions—including academic freedom—that enhance educational quality, student learning and success. We are also working to reorganize colleges and universities: to prioritize students’ education, reduce students’ debt and expand affordable, high-quality higher education for all. The battles raging in education are like those in other service sectors, with whom we must form common cause.


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About AFT On Campus

AFT On Campus is the newspaper of AFT’s higher education division. It covers issues of interest to full-time and part-time faculty and academic staff at colleges and universities, as well as topics such as the academic staffing crisis, academic freedom, funding, federal legislation, and the advocacy and professional work of members. AFT On Campus is published five times a year and is mailed to all higher education members of the AFT as a benefit of membership. Single copies are free on request. Questions, comments and inquiries about AFT On Campus should be sent to its managing editor Barbara McKenna.  
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