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Winter 2013

Feature Story
For Profits or For Patients

Healthcare unions are working with their allies in the community and the statehouse to ensure that the mission of their hospitals is to provide the best care for patients.

FOR YEARS, Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center has served as a safety net for the people of Secaucus, N.J., and the surrounding areas. So when the community and members of the Health Professionals and Allied Employees learned that a private, for-profit group of investors planned to buy the hospital, there was real concern about it remaining an acute care facility.

Of particular concern was that the purchase meant yet another nonprofit community hospital in the state was going to be run by a for-profit entity with questionable business and medical practices. A decade ago, there were no for-profit hospitals in New Jersey, but in recent years, there has been a rapid expansion of for-profit hospital ownership in the state. In fact, eight for-profit hospitals are now in operation in New Jersey, and more may be on the way.


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