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Spring 2014

Feature Story
Connecting our Communities to Care

AFT affiliates and their partners hit the ground to get the word out about health reform in their communities.

COLLABORATION MAY BE the key to getting the Affordable Care Act working more efficiently on the ground. And, with that in mind, some AFT Healthcare affiliates are partnering with healthcare organizations and others in their communities to educate the public about the ACA.

Even as the ACA rollout was struggling under the weight of the demand, AFT members were already teaming up with partners to help people in their communities understand the law and how to enroll in the insurance marketplace. “For too long, we’ve allowed too many in our communities to go without healthcare coverage, with a healthcare system that is broken. That should no longer be acceptable, and if we do our work together, it won’t be,” says Ann Twomey, president of the Health Professionals and Allied Employees, which is based in New Jersey.

This past December, HPAE co-sponsored an ACA forum, called “Cover Camden,” which attracted more than 100 Camden, N.J., residents, community leaders and health professionals who wanted to learn about the ACA and receive help signing up for health coverage. ACA “navigators” were also on hand to assist community members in filling out the enrollment application. The navigator program was created under the ACA to help consumers understand new coverage options in the marketplace and find the most affordable coverage that meets their healthcare needs.


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