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American Educator
Winter 1988


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Accountability and Teacher Professionalism
By Linda Darling-Hammond

What the critics of teacher professionalism fail to understand is that the major reason for seeking to create a profession of teaching is that it will increase the probability that all students will be well educated because they are well taught—that professionalism seeks to heighten accountability by investing in knowledge and its responsible use.

Randolph, Rustin, and the March on Washington Movement
By Jervis Anderson

Organized by A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, the 1963 March on Washington, with its roots in earlier, stillborn marches, catalyzed American opinion and helped turn a largely black, largely southern civil rights struggle into a powerful national movement for change.

1963: The AFT and the Civil Rights Movement

AFT members were active in the civil rights movement both before and after the 1963 March, providing support for integrated schools, contributions, voter registration volunteers, and staff for Freedom Schools.

Rational Numbers
Toward Grading and Scoring That Help Rather Than Harm Learning
By Grant Wiggins

We don't talk much about how and why we give the grades we do. But if we did, we could make our grades a much stronger lever on behalf of school standards and a much stronger motivator of student excellence.

Harnessing Labor's Heritage
By Stuart B. Kaufman

The AFL-CIO's new state-of-the-art archives, now the foremost repository of the history of the American labor movement, is a place not only for tracing where the movement has been but for coming to an understanding of what has been most constant and good in its traditions.

A High-Tech Voyage through the Thirties
By Robert Campbell and Patricia Hanlon

A new generation of interactive media makes it possible for teachers and students to "visit" the Grapes of Wrath era. Here the creators of the new product, a teacher and a school librarian, tell what led them to their creation and how it will facilitate and enrich teaching.

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