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American Educator
Winter 1985


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Self-Esteem and Excellence: The Choice and the Paradox
By Barbara Lerner

Which is the better approach to achieving academic excellence: the one that stresses the importance of self-esteem and the need to protect and bolster it, or the one that calls for helping children overcome their natural egotism through the enforcement of standards? In deciding, are we forced to choose between our students' intellectual development and their happiness?

Out-of-Field Teaching
Barrier to Professionalism
By Virginia Robinson

The principal can't tell the English teacher to teacher general science, or move the kindergarten teacher to middle school, can he? A new study turns up some alarming answers.

What We Know about Learning to Read
The Report of the Commission on Reading

Our body of knowledge concerning how to best teach children to read has expanded rapidly during the last two decades. The country's leading experts on reading and language development bring us up-to-date.

Compelling Belief
Education in the Service of Ideology
By Arch Puddington

It is a commonplace observation that, in the educational systems of communist countries, the pursuit of truth is subordinated to the transmittal of ideology. Lesser known is what this means in everyday school practice.

Stroytelling: Revival of an Age-Old Art
By Marilyn Berg Iarusso

Put the book down, draw the children round you, and tell your tale. Storytelling is an alive, fluid, and intimate approach to interpreting literature for children.

Teaching Fact with Fiction
By Leroy W. Dubeck and Suzanne E. Moshier

Can children's fascination with science fiction films serve as a takeoff point for serious discussion of scientific principles? Yes, say the authors, who have written a teacher's guide detailing the science lessons that can be derived from nine such films.

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American Educator is a quarterly journal of educational research and ideas published by the American Federation of Teachers. Recent articles have focused on such topics as reducing the achievement gap between poor and affluent students, heading off student discipline problems, teaching an appreciation and understanding of democracy, the benefits of a common coherent curriculum, and other issues affecting children and education here and abroad. Total circulation, as of our most recent issue, is over 900,000.

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