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American Educator
Winter 1982


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Killing Time
The Liberal Arts May Be the Only Cure for Youngsters' Boredom
By Edwin Delattre

With American youth increasingly bored and adrift, it's time to restore to our schools a traditional liberal arts education—not just job training—which will provide a solid foundation for youngsters to become imaginative citizens prepared for the world of work and able to enjoy and contribute to society.

Great Books Make Great Teachers
Graduate Course Brings a New Joy to Learning
By Stephen R. Van Luchene and Benjamin Milner

A graduate program that focuses on the works of great thinkers ranging from Plato to Freud and on subjects from theology to natural science instills new excitement about learning by returning it students—many of them teachers—to a truly classical education.

A Revolution in Education
How the 'Paideia Proposal' Would Turn Teaching on Its Head
By Mortimer Adler

A plan known as the "Paideia Proposal" developed by a group of educators, scholars, public officials, and leaders of institutions calls for a dramatic change in the direction of the nation's education system, including the virtual elimination of elective subjects.

A History of American Justice
A review by Robert H. Bork

The history of the U.S. Supreme Court is worth examining in order to understand important legal precedents that have affected profoundly the lives of all Americans. A revised edition of a small but lively and fact-filled book provides a fascinating glimpse into the Court for teachers and students alike.

China: The Fantasy Crumbles
A Country's Ordinary People Belie the Myths about the Cultural Revolution
A review by Harold R. Isaacs

Following the death of Mao Tse-tung, two American reporters who took advantage of an interlude of relative freedom of speech in China to interview its ordinary citizens found that the romanticized image of the Cultural Revolution adopted by many American intellectuals bore little resemblance to what was, in fact, a brutal and repressive period in China's history.

Honesty: A Selection of Materials for Teaching Traditional Values

The fourth in our series of special supplements on teaching traditional values in the classroom focuses on honesty.

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