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American Educator
Winter 1980


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The American Family: The Paradox of Perfection
By Arlene Skolnick

A close look at the history of the American family shows that today's society is longing for an "ideal" that never existed.

Children from One-Parent Families

A five-year study confirms suspicions that children living with only one parent have more trouble at school.

Kids and Responsibility
By William Raspberry

If children do not see themselves as "necessary" and valuable to their families' survival, they are unlikely to feel that they are valuable to themselves.

The Changing Role of Women in the Family
Sarah Schmidt

The "enduring tension" that has existed between women and the family over the past two centuries points to the need for important personal and social decisions in the immediate future.

Teaching the Young about Sex
By William J. Bennett

There should be more emphasis in sex education on sensitive guidance from caring teachers and adults and less on formalized classes that teach little more than how to avoid pregnancy and venereal disease.

No Future: The Life of the Migrant Child
By Robert Joe Stout

Despite attempts to bring some kind of structured system of education to them, migrant children remain outside the mainstream of American life.

To Err Is Huperson; to Forgive, Divine
By Herman Arthur

In their efforts to remove sexist bias from language, reformers are bringing mayhem to our native tongue.

Misconceptions about Epilepsy

Despite the successful treatment of epilepsy, attitudes have no yet caught up with modern science.

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