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American Educator
Summer 1993


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The Mind’s Journey from Novice to Expert
If We Know the Route, We Can Help Students Negotiate Their Way
By John T. Bruer

It has been said that cognitive science—the study of how we think, remember, and learn—could become to pedagogy what biology is to the practice of medicine. Now, for the first time, we have a clear, accessible summary of the groundbreaking research in this field over the last 30 years and how it translates to the classroom.

Lessons from Abroad
The Learning Gap by Harold W. Stevenson and James W. Stigler
Reviewed by Paul E. Barton

One of the most widely reprinted articles ever to appear in American Educator was "Polishing the Stone: How Asian Teachers Perfect Their Lessons." But there's much more to be learned from the authors' extensive studies of Asian classrooms that could fit into that article. Here's a look at the larger story.

All about Me
Are We Developing Our Children’s Self-Esteem or Their Narcissism?
By Lilian G. Katz

Everyone agrees on the importance of self-esteem. But the I Am Special stickers and Feel Good About Yourself exercises that pervade early childhood education and elementary school classrooms may be developing our students' narcissism more than anything else.

The Moral Power of Good Stories
By William Kilpatrick

Who can ever forget, from the story of the sinking of the Titanic, Arthur Ryerson stripping off his life vest and giving it to his wife's maid? To build their moral lives—to learn how to live—children need a deep reservoir of the kind of lasting images found in good stories.

Remembering the Cross-Country Runner
By Grant Wiggins

She never won, but she kept on running. When the standard is a clear and worthy one, and when students can measure their progress, no matter how incremental, they will go the extra mile.

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