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American Educator
Spring 1996


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Spring Brings New Life to the Standards Movement

It seemed for a while there that the standards movement might falter. The attacks were coming from left and right, and when the first round of attempts to write standards—with a few notable exceptions—produced some pretty awful results, the critics were ready to lower the casket.

But a good idea outlives the less-than-perfect attempts to implement it. Despite its wounds, the standards movement began to take root across the country. And with the spring had come both an emerging consensus and a series of historic events that bring an enormous feeling of hope that this movement will succeed. In this special issue of American Educator, we report on those happenings. There's still a lot of work to be done and a lot that could go wrong. But we will find a way—a uniquely American way—to do this. Those who would just as well see public education fade from this country's traditions are not going to prevail. Those who prefer to devote their energies to strengthening and renewing it.

President Urges Standards That Count
Excerpts from President Clinton's Address to the National Education Summit

Governors, Business Leaders Pledge Swift Action
Excerpts from the Policy Statement Adopted at the National Education Summit

Public Broadly Embraces the Need for Higher Standards, Rigorously Enforced

Teachers Favor Standards, Consequences ... and a Helping Hand

A System of High Standards: What We Mean and Why We Need It

AFT Criteria for High-Quality Standards

Kids, Schools Suffer from Revolving Door
Mobility Problem Is Aggravated by the Lack of a Common Curriculum
By Debra Williams

High Standards, American Style
Broadening Access to AP Courses Is Something We Can Do Now

More Than A Voice: Barbara Jordan, the Teacher
By Brett Campbell

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