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American Educator
Spring 1993


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A History of Us
By Joy Hakim

The history of this country contains all the natural elements that kids just love—adventure and civil war, heroes and villains, majesty and tragedy, happy endings. But the dull, weighted-down pages of textbooks steal the life from the story. Now a new series of history books for kids may change all that.

Curriculum as a Moral Educator
By Edward A. Wynne and Kevin Ryan

Learning to know and do and love the right things is the work of a lifetime, say the authors, and schools must be part of that effort. Here is a framework for thinking about the moral culture of your school.

Japanese University Entrance Examination Problems in Mathematics
Translated by Ling-Erl Eileen T. Wu

This translation of the math tests that college-bound Japanese students have to take provides a dramatic first-hand view of their performance—and of the impact of having tests that, in contrast to our SATs, are tightly tied to what is taught in school.

A War Against Children
Schools Closed, Teachers Persecuted as Part of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Kosova
By David N. Dorn

An extraordinary semi-clandestine school system has arisen in Kosova, a region of the former Yugoslavia Republic, where official schools have been closed and teachers persecuted as part of an "ethnic cleansing" campaign to drive out the ethnic-Albanian population.

Tobacco Industry Seeks New Recruits

As its older customers die off, the tobacco industry needs a steady supply of new recruits. These hard-hitting cartoons will make your students more aware of the campaign to snare them.

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