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American Educator
Spring 1991


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The Universal Classroom
By Mitzi Witkin

The American public school, in its long common school tradition, continues to be one of the most important meeting grounds for the great American experiment in diversity and unity. One teacher tells the story of her universal classroom, and you are invited to also.

How Asian Teachers Polish Each Lesson to Perfection
By James W. Stigler and Harold W. Stevenson

The largest observational study of Japanese and Chinese classrooms ever undertaken reveals a widespread, almost uniform, excellence in the structure and content of class lessons. We can't expect the same here, say the authors, until the conditions under which American teachers practice their profession change radically.

Opening Windows for Teenagers: How Mentors Help
Roger S. Glass

More and more schools and community groups are providing teenagers with mentors—adults who can lend a hand or an ear and open windows on ways of life the student might otherwise never see.

Clipped Wings
The Fullest Look Yet at How Prenatal Exposure to Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine Hobble Children's Learning
By Lucile F. Newman and Stephen L. Buka

A new report brings together data from scattered sources to provide the fullest look yet at the damage suffered by many of our students even before they reach the schoolhouse door.

What Crack Does to Babies
By Janice Hutchinson

Teachers facing the first cohort of crack babies say the children have symptoms like no others. A pediatrician tells why, by explaining what crack does to the fetal brain.

Beginning Researchers
How to Make Report Writing More Than Copying from World Book
By Donna Maxim

Report writing can mean more than a mad dash to the encyclopedias. This article is chock full of ideas for helping kids become confident, skilled researchers.

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