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American Educator
Spring 1988


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Creating a School Community
One Model of How It Can Be Done
An interview with Anne Ratzki

Healthy communities promote hard work and good behavior. Can schools be organized to do the same? At a growing group of schools in West Germany—characterized by their intensive focus on building close relationships between students and teachers and students and students—the results look very promising.

Tragedy in Matewan
The Coal Strikes Come to the Screen
By Michael Kerper

The Academy Award–nominated "Matewan" is a rare film: It treats the violence of labor history without sanctimony or ideological axe grinding.

How to Improve a Successful Program
Pointers from the National Assessment of Chapter 1
By Beatrice F. Birman

Chapter 1 is the federal government's largest contribution to elementary and secondary education. A new report says the program is effective, but could be even more so.

A Look Backward and Forward
With Success Under Our Belts, We Can Now Raise the Standard to Which We Hold Chapter 1
By Bella Rosenberg

With success under our belts, we can now raise the standard to which we hold Chapter 1. And by that standard, Chapter 1 could use some help, preferably of a nonorthodox kind.

Literary Lackluster
The Unhappy State of American History Textbooks
By Gilbert Sewall

Could one reason for student lack of interest in history be the dull-as-dishwater textbooks we foist on them?

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American Educator is a quarterly journal of educational research and ideas published by the American Federation of Teachers. Recent articles have focused on such topics as reducing the achievement gap between poor and affluent students, heading off student discipline problems, teaching an appreciation and understanding of democracy, the benefits of a common coherent curriculum, and other issues affecting children and education here and abroad. Total circulation, as of our most recent issue, is over 900,000.

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