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American Educator
Spring 1983


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The Propaganda War

Schools can play a crucial role in teaching children to resist extremist propaganda and to appreciate constitutional and democratic ideals.

The Hidden Agenda
Extremism and the Council on Interracial Books for Children
By David Asman

Under the guise of producing "bias-free" materials for classroom use, the Council on Interracial Books for Children has published a series of books whose purpose is to teach American school children that they live in a racist and unjust society. The council has been aided in its mission by federal funds and by the endorsement of the National Education Association.

Nazis Without Swastikas
The Sinister Cult of Lyndon LaRouche
By Dennis King

Lyndon LaRouche, best known as the leader of the now defunct U.S. Labor Party, has enjoyed a measure of public success, thanks to some careful image-making. But a closer look reveals that he heads a totalitarian cult that is obsessed with "purging the world of Jews."

The Moral of the Story
Why Literature Is Still the Best Source for Teaching Values
By Jon Moline

Traditional literature provides compelling insight into values important to all humankind, and in these days of moral apathy students should heed well the lessons of its themes.

Classroom Rewards: Do They Work?
By Ann Jensen

Reinforcement—the happy faces, the gold stars—has a positive effect on youngsters' academic performance and behavior. But reinforcement can backfire if it is administered inappropriately or unfairly.

Loyalty: A Selection of Materials for Teaching Traditional Values

The last in the series on teaching traditional values in the classroom focuses on loyalty. Through literature, songs, and other media, the supplement covers a wide range of themes relating to loyalty, including patriotism, obedience, fidelity, and even school spirit.

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