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American Educator
Spring 1982


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Is It Too Late to Save Science Education?
By Efthalia Walsh and John Walsh

Few efforts are being made to halt the long-term erosion of support for science education in the United States despite growing concern over declining SAT scores and declining participation by our students in mathematics and pure science courses.

Please Touch
Museums That Make Magic with Science
By Paul Preuss

Two unique museums in California turn science into a magical mystery tour for thousands of young visitors.

American Know-How
It's Still Our Greatest Source of Prestige
By L. John Martin

Americans believe that our scientific and technological know-how has done more for this country's prestige that any other factor, according to a National Science Foundation poll. And, although they have doubts about some science issues, more Americans support scientific research and equate its achievements with our high standard of living.

Thus Wrote Racter
By R. C. Newell

An unusual short story published recently in OMNI magazine turned out to have an equally unusual author—a computer.

Freedom and Creativity
Why America Flourishes Under the Constitution
By Mark W. Cannon

The Constitution's guarantee of individual rights has the effect of releasing enormous creative energy among this country's population. Further, its structure prevents any one branch or individual from gaining control, thus protecting the nation from arbitrary or tyrannical government.

The Kopelevs: A Portrait of Two Exiles
An interview by Robert G. Kaiser

Lev Kopelev and his wife, Raisa Orlova, now live in exile in West Germany after being stripped of their Soviet citizenship. The Kopelevs, who spent last fall in the United States, tell the poignant story of their disenchantment with communism and the founding of the dissident movement in the Soviet Union.

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