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American Educator
Spring 1978


Table of Contents

The One and the Many
What Are the Social and Political Implications of the New Ethnic Revival?
By Harold R. Isaacs

Author and professor of political science Isaacs analyzes the recent ethnic revival and its implications for American society.

A Nation of Nations
The Smithsonian Institution Delves into Our Past
By Susan Bliss

A Smithsonian Institution exhibit traces the development of American culture from its immigrant beginnings.

I Remember
By Piri Thomas

Thomas recalls his childhood in the public school of Spanish Harlem.

From Ghetto to University
The Jewish Experience in the Public School
By Sarah Schmidt

An American Studies teacher describes the role of the public school on the Jewish immigrant population of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

A Question of Ethics
The DNA Controversy
By John Rosenberg

The controversy surrounding genetic research and the use of recombinant DNA technology is presented from the point of view of a university scientist involved in the research.

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About American Educator

American Educator is a quarterly journal of educational research and ideas published by the American Federation of Teachers. Recent articles have focused on such topics as reducing the achievement gap between poor and affluent students, heading off student discipline problems, teaching an appreciation and understanding of democracy, the benefits of a common coherent curriculum, and other issues affecting children and education here and abroad. Total circulation, as of our most recent issue, is over 900,000.

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