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American Educator
Fall 1993


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To Memorize and Recite or to Think and Do? Observations from Near and Afar

Teaching for Understanding
By David Perkins

Suppose a student can remember Newtonian physics equations and apply them to three or four routine types of textbook problems. Does this mean he understands? No, says the author, and that's what lies at the heart of our students' performance problems.

A Russian Teacher in America
By Andrei Toom

When he came to this country—the land he associated with independent, critical thought—the author was astonished to find that so few students were accustomed to real thinking and problem solving.

Biting the Health Care Bullet
By Albert Shanker

If spiraling health care costs continue, the annual bill will be about 20 percent of our gross domestic product by the turn of the century. And the more we spend on health care, the less is available for education.

Profile in Courage
By Charles D. Gray

He's been beaten, jailed, deliberately exposed to tuberculosis—which he contracted—and now expelled from his county, but Han Dongfang will not give up his struggle for workers' rights in China.

Myths and Facts about Private School Choice

Many of the claims made by the proponents of private school choice don not stand up to close scrutiny. Let's have a debate, but let's make it an informed one.

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