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American Educator
Fall 1991


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Do Private Schools Outperform Public Schools?
By Albert Shanker

Are the supporters of public aid to private education correct? Do private schools outperform public schools? Are they really working with the same kids? The results of the recent NAEP math examinations demonstrate that the answer is no on all counts.

Revolution in One Classroom
By David K. Cohen

Al elementary school teacher trades in her math worksheets and memorized procedures for hands-on manipulatives and innovative activities. A pedagogical revolution? Not when you delve below the surface, according to this observational account, which also raises important questions about the kinds of assistance teachers need if more fundamental change is to occur.

The Career Connection
These Students Don't Have to Be Reminded Why They're in School
By Neill S. Rosenfeld

Let students experience first-hand what a Wall Street career is like—and what it takes to get there—and you won't have to remind them why they're in school.

An Invitation to Bake Bread
By Linda Hazard Hughs

Parents generally expect their children to be taught in much the same way they were. If your classroom departs from that childhood image, you need to explain why.

Do We Know as Much about Them as They Know about Us?

Take a look at the rigorous questions about U.S. history, geography, and culture that are part of the tests given to college-bound students in Western Europe.

With a Critic's Eye
Helping Language/Learning-Disabled Kids Think about Their Thinking
By Marilyn D'Alessandro

When it came to analyzing text, reading was slow-going for these language/learning-disabled students until their teacher found a way to help them think about their own thinking.

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