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American Educator
Fall 1987


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The Values Vacuum
A Provocative Explanation for Parental Discontent
By Harriet Tyson-Bernstein

Is there something about the way we run our schools and focus our curriculum that is intrinsically at odds with the values of many parents? The author argues that there is more to parental unrest than what can be allayed by merely adding a new unit in values education.

Democracy's Jewish and Christian Roots
What Would History Textbooks Don't Tell You
By Paul Gagnon

What does it mean to teach "about" religion? For one, it means teaching about the early Jewish and Christian ideas that are at the core of democratic philosophy—ideas not found in standard textbooks. Critic Paul Gagnon picks up these ideas where the texts leave them off.

Why "Back to Basics" Isn't Good Enough
An interview with Sidney Hook

Progressive education has been heralded, misinterpreted, and attacked. In this interview, John Dewey's eminent protégé separates the fact about progressive education from the fiction.

How Five (Partly True) Myths Can Help Teachers Teach about the Constitution
By David Nichols

Did the Constitution sanction slavery? Does it favor the powerful and the wealthy? The author shows how five "myths" about the Constitution can be used to open students' minds to a more complex understanding of this important document.

Success in East Harlem
How One Group of Teachers Built a School That Works
By Deborah Meier

If teachers were freed from the traditional school structure and the hundreds of rules and regulations that burden most of us, what kind of school would they create? One group of teachers got the chance to answer that question.

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