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American Educator
Fall 1982


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The New Right and the Schools
Why Mainstream America Is Listening to Our Critics
By Diane Ravitch

The New Right's attack on our education system today is little more than a variation of the excesses of the Old Right in the thirties, forties and early fifties. But some criticisms, particularly those relating to sex and values education, reflect a legitimate discontent in a wider segment of the population.

Hunger of Memory
The Metamorphosis of a Disadvantaged Child
A review by Linda Chavez

Through education—and the mastery of English as a "public" language—Richard Rodriguez has left behind his disadvantaged childhood and entered the privileged world of academia; he nevertheless longs for the lost intimacy of his Spanish past.

Courage: A Selection of Materials for Teaching Traditional Values

The third of four special supplements on teaching traditional values in the classroom focuses on courage.

Grown Up ... And Back in School
Adults Join Teenagers for Daytime Classes
By Jeanne Hammond

Adults in search of continuing education in one New York state school district are invited to join teenagers at the local high school for daytime classes.

The Art of Teaching
The Essentials for Classroom Success
By Steven M. Cahn

Some educators argue that a strong focus on subject matter is the formula for successful learning in the classroom; others claim that it is the teacher's own personality or "charisma." Somewhere between these two approaches lies the balance that is necessary for effective teaching.

New Life for Labor Studies
Rediscovering America's Working Heritage
By Roger S. Glass

Educators and students are taking a fresh look at labor history and are discovering that it is the chronicle of people at work—not just the labor movement as an institution—that gives the subject new meaning and interest.

A Primer on Campaign Finances
What FEC Reports Reveal about the Political Process
By Larry Boyle

Reports filed by candidates with the Federal Election Commission can be a treasure trove of information for students learning about our political process.

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