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AFT News

December 2012

Town employees win back free speech, overtime (12/27/12)

 AFT and NEA criticize proposals to arm teachers (12/20/12)

AFT-backed charter school wins unanimous approval (12/20/12)

After tragedy, AFT turns to supporting Newtown community (12/18)

Finnish Embassy hosts AFT's Share My Lesson showcase (12/13)

Town hall meetings give voice to community (12/12)

Michigan Republicans ram through right to work law (12/12)

AFT delegates take an active role in PSI World Congress (12/6)

Judge declares Louisiana vouchers unconstitutional (12/3)

November 2012

AFT campaign takes on issue of excessive testing (11/29)

Illinois grad employees win tuition waiver protection (11/29)

Ruling halts implementation of Louisiana voucher plan (11/28)

Teacher/staff furloughs ruled illegal in Louisiana (11/20)

Graduate employees prepare for strike over tuition waivers (11/20)

Broward County educators approve new contract (11/19)

Mastering Common Core standards in any language (11/16)

Ocean City, Md., workers continue fight for bargaining (11/15)

AFT members help with Superstorm Sandy relief effort (11/13)

AFT partners on film project that will help Miami's youth (11/13)

Higher education eyes the fiscal cliff (11/9)

Superstorm Sandy highlights vital role of public employees (11/2)

In tight presidential race, New Hampshire's got game (11/2)

October 2012

Election 2012 tour rolls through the Sunshine State (10/31)

Union workers lead the way in hurricane recovery (10/31)

Wisconsin battles inspire nurse to run for office (10/25)

Broad coalition fights voter suppression efforts (10/24)

AFT kicks off Election 2012 bus tour in Ohio (10/22)

Johnson visits union-run health clinic in Haiti (10/17)

Spending cuts totaling $1.2 trillion will hurt, unless Congress acts to stop sequestration (10/16)

Education unions launch new reading project in Baltimore (10/16)

New movie on school chess team holds critics in check (10/15)

AFT condemns shooting of 14-year-old Pakistani activist (10/11)

Lawrence witnesses Massachusetts school success story (10/11)

Evergreen Park educators strike continues (10/11)

Johnson urges unions to fight to end child labor (10/11)

Weingarten visits innovative Denver nutrition program (10/9)

AFT affiliate leads effort to move ALEC out of New Jersey (10/4)

WSU negotiations grab national headlines (10/04)

California for-profit colleges must come clean (10/04)

September 2012

Have a question about Medicare? 'Dear Marci' has the answers (9/28)

As the election nears, retirees are getting behind Obama (9/28)

International educators address the 'trained teacher gap' (9/27)

New effort will build community-driven school reform (9/21)

AFT food service member to compete on 'Chopped' (9/21)

Collaboration, cooperation move St. Louis schools forward (9/20)

AFT renews calls to free Bahrain teachers union president (9/20)

Chicago Teachers Union members to return to classrooms (9/18)

Judge strikes down much of Wisconsin's anti-union law (9/17) 

Better work environments for nurses result in fewer medication errors (9/17) 

Planting a future (9/11)

AFT and members strongly support Chicago Teachers Union (9/10)

Early learning educators reach out to community (9/10)

Weingarten celebrates Labor Day in Pittsburgh (9/5)

GOP platform attacks higher education (9/5)

Pro-worker initiative will stay on the Michigan ballot (9/4)

August 2012

This Labor Day (8/31)

In Albuquerque, solution-driven unionism in action (8/31)

Back at school, AFT members keep solving problems (8/31)

AFT remembers former vice president Jim McGarvey (8/29)

New report blasts working conditions of adjunct faculty (8/24)

Majority of U.S. teachers see hunger in their classrooms (8/23)

Unions and district collaborate to help grieving children (8/22)

Economic and political challenges are top issues for public employees (8/22)

AFT members honored as 'Champions of Change' (8/21)

Texting teens: Taking the pledge for safety (8/15)

Global boycott against Hyatt hotel chain continues (8/14)

AFT supporting striking workers at Palermo's Pizza (8/8)

Report details troubling practices at for-profit colleges (8/2)

July 2012

AFT Convention 2012

Impact of Common Core standards on PSRPs among resolutions adopted (8/8)

Charles Blow: Teachers deserve both greater respect and higher pay (7/30)

Biden praises the important work of educators (7/29)

Weingarten to early educators: Your work matters (7/29)

McDowell County thanks the AFT for the promise of a brighter day (7/29)

Vermont health professionals honored at Human Rights Luncheon (7/28)

Diane Ravitch speaks truth to power (7/28)

Pastor and Detroit NAACP leader gives rousing address (7/28)

AFT Innovation Fund is solution-driven unionism (7/28)

UAW president calls for rebuilding a social and economic justice movement (7/28)

Weingarten unveils solution-driven unionism at convention (7/27)

AFT retiree leaders focus on 2012 elections (7/26)

Members share ideas during Professional Development Network conference (7/26)

AFT members connect with the community through urban farming (7/26)

AFT affiliates helping kids get thousands of free books (7/23)

Collective bargaining referendum on Ocean City, Md., ballot (7/20)

Rallying around the business of the Common Core (7/19)

Study shows poor outcomes for students in virtual schools (7/18)

White House event highlights threats to senior healthcare (7/18)

Custodians' jobs, full hours restored (7/18)

Teachers flock to summer school at TEACH Academy (7/18)

Spreading the joy of reading to kids and families (7/17)

AFT mourns loss of Nick Yovnello, N.J. higher ed leader (7/10)

Teachers increasingly approve of Common Core standards (7/9)

Legislation a win for New Jersey workers, health services (7/9)

Retirees get a road map for running a political campaign (7/6)

Common core workshops promote collaboration (7/3)

June 2012

Let the bargaining begin, say Chicago faculty (6/29)

Senate deal averts student loan rate hike (6/29)

New standards need to embrace English language learners (6/27)

New AFT effort highlights Obama's record on education (6/26)

No way to talk to seniors (6/22)

New pledge aims to tame the testing burden (6/21)

Colleges not adequately supporting their teaching force (06/20)

Share My Lesson offers online access to vast resources (6/19)

Two more New York City charter schools now unionized (6/14)

Ballot measure will protect Michigan bargaining rights (6/14)

AFT recognizes June 12 as World Day Against Child Labor (6/11)

AFT affiliates challenge Louisiana education initiatives (6/11)

Workforce shrinks as New York turns to costly consultants (6/6)

June 5 vote will determine Scott Walker's future (6/1)

Putting a stop to the attack on ethnic studies (6/1)

May 2012

AFT vice president to head black school educators group (5/30)

Agreement reached on collaborative reform in Cleveland (5/29)

Conference highlights the power of collaboration (5/29)

Michigan community college faculty vote for the union (5/25)

First Book and AFT distribute books to needy students (5/25)

NYSUT fights plan for drastic cuts to teaching hospital (5/25)

Educators at two charter schools set to join union (5/24)

Absenteeism epidemic hinders academic achievement (5/24)

Connecticut nurses secure first contract (5/18)

Efforts aim to boost financial literacy in schools (5/15)

Coalition promotes extended time as a path to success (5/11)

Event highlights success of AFT's Civic Voices project (5/10)

Health In Mind offers blueprint for health and learning (5/10)

Teachers Hall of Fame welcomes two AFT members (5/9)

In Bahrain, AFT leader seeks release of teacher unionist (5/8)

Students around the world stand against bullying (5/7)

Los Angeles educators celebrate Worthy Wage Day (5/4)

Turnaround Arts seeks to raise student achievement (5/4)

April 2012

Macomb Community College faculty affiliate with AFT (4/30)

Retirees continue the fight to improve healthcare (4/30)

House vote on student loan rates undercuts healthcare (4/27)

Oregon faculty, administrators reach agreement on union (4/27)

AFT health professionals focus on community connections (4/27)

PSRPs build quality, community at annual conference (4/27)

Base education policies on evidence, not politics, AFT leader says (4/25)

On May 4, take a stand against bullying (4/24)

AFT member, workplace victims call for job safety enforcement (4/20)

AFT, Child Labor Coalition urge immediate implementation of new safety rules (4/20)

AFT partnership brings free books to Minneapolis students (4/19)

New AFL-CIO site shows soaring CEO compensation (4/19)

Increased scrutiny leads corporations to cut ties to ALEC (4/18)

Agreement averts damaging proposal for Cleveland schools (4/18)

The quest for a 'national nurse' continues (4/17)

Reconnecting McDowell announces new juvenile drug court (4/16)

Montana State graduate employees join MEA-MFT (4/16)

'Buffett Rule' needed to restore tax fairness (4/12)

AFT, NEA Seek Answers After Advance Screening of 'Bully' (4/11)

Rebuild America Act builds an economy for the 99 percent (4/11)

Good news for Wisconsin public employees (4/11)

States' commitment to early childhood programs slipping (4/10)

Community partnerships are the way of the future (4/03)

March 2012

Misguided Bill Would Exempt IT Workers from Overtime (3/30)

PSRPs Lobby for Federal Law to Prohibit Bullying (3/30)

College Student Leaders Occupy Sallie Mae (3/27)

International Leaders, Unions Discuss Teacher Preparation (3/23)

Rhode Island Schools Need Collaboration and Reinvestment (3/22)

AFT shines at International Summit, Celebration of Teaching and Learning (3/22)

See 'Bully' and Help Stop Bullying (3/21)

Discussion Focuses on Women, the New Face of Poverty (3/19)

Labor-management partnerships get results (3/19)

Board Rules in Favor of Union at New York Charter School (3/15)

AFL-CIO Unions Vote to Endorse Obama for Second Term (3/14)

Voter Suppression Laws Threaten Basic Voting Rights (3/13)

Civil Rights Marchers Vow No Return to Jim Crow Days (3/12)

Legislation Gives McDowell Schools, Community Big Boost (3/11)

Michigan Campaign Aims to Protect Collective Bargaining (3/9)

The March to Montgomery, 47 Years Later (3/9)

Florida Affiliate Wins Lawsuit over Pension Changes (3/6)

AFT Members Swap Strategies for Green Schools (3/6)

Weingarten and AFT member discuss tools teachers need to succeed (3/2)

Noted Expert Discusses Teacher Prep with AFT Task Force (3/1)

Check Out the AFL-CIO's New Website and Blog (3/1)

February 2012

New York City Teacher Rankings Based on Flawed Data, (2/27)

Research Begins to Detail Success in Community Schools (2/22)

Economists Agree That Recovery Act Was a Success (2/22)

AFT and New Haven Affiliate Win More National Praise (2/16)

Common Core Standards Inspire Hope Among Experts (2/15)

President Obama's Budget Invests in America's Future (2/13)

AFT Urges Release of Imprisoned Bahraini Union Leader (2/13)

New Resources Can Help with Student Loan Forgiveness (2/2)

Weingarten Urges Activism and Advocacy in New Jersey (2/1)

January 2012

AFT Task Force Takes New Look at Teacher Preparation (1/31)

New York Charter School Teachers Form a New Union (1/27)

University of Oregon Faculty Launch Union Campaign (1/26)

Weingarten Urges Solidarity Between Faith and Labor (1/24)

Experts Correct Myths about Public Employee Pensions (1/20)

Politics and Reform Highlight Weingarten's Florida Visit (1/19)

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Will Face Recall Election (1/19)

Labor Community Celebrates King's Legacy (1/19)

PSRPs Examine Labor-Management Collaboration Firsthand (1/18)

'Reconnecting McDowell' Advances with Grants, Projects (1/11)

Money Does Matter in Education, New Report Shows (1/10)

Right-to-Work Laws Reduce Wages and Don't Create Jobs (1/05)

Report Looks at Transition Issues for Youngest Students (1/09)