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AFT News

December 2011

AFT middle school tour speaks volumes in Charleston, W.Va. (12/21)

AFT Spearheads Landmark Partnership in Appalachia (12/19)

Charter School Educators Vote to Join AFT Michigan (12/16)

Ambitious Partnership will Transform McDowell County (12/16)

Proposed Rules Will Benefit Home Healthcare Workers (12/15)

Communities of Color Oppose Punitive School Reform (12/05)

New York City Charter School Educators Join the Union (12/05)

Labor Leaders Laud 'Better Buildings Challenge' (12/02)

University Staff Keep Pressure On, Resist Givebacks (12/02)

November 2011

Agreement Provides Boost to St. Louis Students (11/28)

Rhode Island's Retirement Overhaul Will Slash Benefits (11/22)

Lack of Compromise Dooms Supercommittee's Efforts (11/21)

AFT Offers Support to Ongoing Occupy D.C. Movement (11/17)

Conference Arms Educators to Fight Bullying (11/17)

Unionists Train for Their Own 'Arab Spring' (11/16)

Education Week Looks at Labor-Management Cooperation (11/16)

AFT Reacts to Administration's Plans for Head Start (11/10)

Ohio Vote Is a Big Victory for the Middle Class (11/8)

AFT Members Shine at Early Childhood Conference (11/8)

Latest Employment Figures Show Need for Action on Jobs (11/4)

PEF Members Approve New Four-Year Agreement (11/3)

AFT Members Continue Push for Jobs and School Repairs (11/1)

AFT Conference Highlights Need to Work with Community (11/1)

October 2011

Ohioans Make Final Push to Overturn Anti-Worker Law (10/31)

Extended Learning Time Works if Done Well (10/25)

Connecticut Visit Highlights School Modernization Needs (10/24)

Weingarten: 'You deserve so much better than this' (10/20)

'National Spirit Day' Reinforces Anti-Bullying Message (10/20)

Lively Rally Urges Passage of Jobs Legislation (10/19)

Los Angeles Teachers Shine Under Intense Pressure (10/18)

AFT Members Rally for Jobs and Justice at King Memorial (10/17)

Public Schools Hardest Hit in September Jobs Report (10/12)

Red Cross Workers Vote Unanimously to Ratify New Contract (10/13)

AFT Members Join Obama and Biden to Promote Jobs Act (10/4)

Frontline Educators Make the Case for Pre-K Support (10/4)

AFT Unions March in Solidarity with Shipyard Workers (10/4)

September 2011

Teacher-Led Reform Shines in Massachusetts (9/26)

Bullying: 'Not Just a Part of Growing Up' (9/21)

Weingarten Protests Iranian Leader's U.N. Address (9/21)

AFT Advocates for Nursing Mothers (9/19)

AFT Expands Role in Combating Child Hunger (9/16)

University of Illinois-Chicago Faculty File for Union (9/15)

AFT Members Join the Push to Get Jobs Bill Passed (9/13)

Second National Teacher Town Hall Set for Sept. 25 (9/13)

Austin: Better Schools Start with Greater Trust (9/9)

Long Island: Collaboration Makes the Difference (9/8)

AFT Praises President Obama's Bold Jobs Plan (9/8)

Detroit: A Stronger Voice for Parents (9/7)

Labor's Story Left Out of High School History Textbooks (9/6)

State Employees' Wage Growth Is Flat; Pay Gap Persists (9/5)

School Support Staff Bring Fresh Hopes for New School Year (9/3)

Connecticut: Career and Technical Education at Its Best (9/2)

Union Plus Offers Assistance to Hurricane Irene Victims (9/1)

August 2011

Palm Beach, Fla.: Working Together for Students (8/31)

West Virginia: The Power of Partnerships (8/30)

Martin Luther King Jr.: A Friend to Unions and Workers (8/26)

Hurricane Postpones MLK Memorial Events (8/26)

Tours to Highlight AFT Members Who Are Making a Difference (8/25)

Union-Run Health Clinic in Haiti Open for Business (8/19)

Weingarten Stands with Striking Verizon Workers (8/18)

Wisconsin Voters Support Senators Who Stood by Workers (8/17)

Providence Teachers Rally Behind Job-Saving Contract (8/16)

'We are in this for the long haul': Labor in Wisconsin vows to build on recall victories (08/11)

AFT Member Helps Expose Corporate Agenda for Education (8/3)

Taking back Wisconsin (8/2)

Save Our Schools Rally Calls for End to Teacher Bashing (8/1)

July 2011

AFT Family Members Awarded Union Plus Scholarships (7/29)

AFT Member Receives Reimbursement Under Credit Counseling Program (7/29)

AFT Leader Touts Value of Collaboration to Congress (7/26)

Union Members Beat the Heat to Curb Child Hunger (7/25)

New Site Exposes Secret Efforts to Kill Workers' Rights (7/14)


Working with the Community Makes All of Us Stronger (7/13)

AFT Awards Scholarships to Four Outstanding Students (7/13)

Everyday Heroes Honored for Service Above and Beyond (7/13)

Panelists Discuss Steps Needed to Make Standards Work (7/12)

Early Educators Push for More Professional Development (7/12)

Unions Key to Reviving the Middle Class, Krugman Says (7/12)

AFT Announces New Innovation Fund Grant Recipients (7/12)

School Health Professionals Address Barriers to Learning (7/11)

Weingarten Calls for a Quality- and Community-Focused Education Reform Agenda (7/11)

Speaker Offers Advice on Helping Struggling Students (7/11)

Mini-Institutes Look at Implementation of Core Standards (7/11)


AFT Healthcare Honored for Nurse Certification Efforts (7/1)

June 2011

AFL-CIO Announces Major Investment in Infrastructure (6/30)

More than 1 Million Signatures Filed for Ohio Referendum (6/29)

Senate Holds First Hearing on the DREAM Act (6/28)

AFT Spreads Our Message to Progressive Bloggers (6/22)

AFT's Florida Affiliate Sues Over Changes to Pension Plan (6/20)

Cortese Helps Send Off Special Olympians to World Games (6/20)

We Are Ohio Surpasses Signatures Needed for Referendum (6/17)

Red Cross Workers Return to Work and Resume Bargaining (6/16)

AFT's Anti-Bullying Campaign Kicks into High Gear (6/16)

AFT Affiliates Join Lawsuit Against Wisconsin Law (6/15)

Weingarten Keeps ESEA Priorities on the Table (6/15)

Union Opposes New York Pension Plan Proposal (6/9)

Weingarten's Detroit Visit Spotlights Teacher-Led School (6/7)

San Antonio's Lively Bilingual Event a Big Success (6/7)

Striking Red Cross Workers Bring the Fight to Washington (6/6)

New Report Looks at Historic Pittsburgh Partnership (6/2)

Culinary Students Dish Up Yummy Food, Do Teachers Proud (6/1)

May 2011

Labor-Management Cooperation Helps Students Achieve (5/31)

Illinois Federation Helps Stop Assault on Worker Pensions (5/31)

Recent Rulings Uphold Rights of Philippine Teachers (5/31)

AFT Public Employee Leaders Discuss Budget Pressures (5/27)

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin's Anti-Bargaining Law (5/26)

AFT Leader Appointed to White House Advisory Commission (5/26)

Those Who Can, Teach. Those Who Can't... (5/26)

Montana Unions Fight To Preserve State Employee Pay Plan (5/26)

Taking a Stand for Safety, Red Cross Nurses Strike (5/24)

Organizing Victories Keep Coming for AFT in Wisconsin (5/18)

In Texas, Valiant Efforts Hold Back Assault on Schools (5/17)

An Update on Senate Recall Efforts (5/13)

Another Wisconsin Faculty Group Votes for the AFT (5/13)

Huge Crowd Rallies Against Proposed New York City Cuts (5/13)

New York Rally Targets Cuts to Child Care Funding (5/12)

Nurses in Connecticut Vote for AFT Representation (5/12)

New Yorkers Rally Against Higher Education Budget Cuts (5/11)

Weingarten's New York Visits Highlight Collaboration (5/10)

New Hampshire Members Fighting Off Attacks on Rights (5/9)

AFT National Leaders Stand with Florida Educators (5/6)

PEF Identifies Big Savings from Reducing Consultants (5/5)

Help Our Members in Alabama Recover from Recent Storms (5/2)

April 2011

AFT Ads Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (4/29)

Weingarten Joins New Jersey Activists for Day of Action (4/28)

Classified School Employees Make Their Case in Congress (4/27)

Oregon Visit Highlights Work of Early Childhood Workers (4/26)

AFL-CIO’s PayWatch Shows CEO Salaries Going Up and Up (4/20)

Ohioans Mobilize as Ballot Initiative Moves Forward (4/15)

Illinois Education Reform Legislation Puts Kids First (4/14)

E-mail Requests Target AFT Faculty Members (4/13)

Faculty and Staff Speak Out To Protect Higher Education (4/11)

Report Looks at Keeping Gen Y Teachers in the Profession (4/8)

Education, Experience Are Two Primary Factors That Determine Earnings (4/8)

Healthcare Members Urged To Transform the Movement (4/7)

Wisconsin Voters Reject Walker's Anti-Worker Agenda (4/6)

Conference Shows How Public Employees Are Fighting Back (4/5)

AFT Members Stand Together at 'We Are One' Events (4/5)

Weingarten Visits Two Innovative Schools in Boston (4/5)

March 2011

PSRPs Show How They Make a Difference Every Day (3/29)

University of Washington Lecturers Vote for the Union (3/29)

Weingarten Pledges Solidarity in Speech to UAW Leaders (3/28)

Weingarten Calls for Shared Solutions To Fiscal Crisis (3/28)

Head Start Teachers Meet To Talk Funding, Evaluation (3/28)

N.Y. Affiliates Keep the Heat on as Budget Deadline Looms (3/25)

AFT Marks 100 Years Since Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (3/25)

Another Group of Wisconsin Faculty Vote for the Union (3/24)

Alabama Teachers Challenge Limits on Payroll Deductions (3/23)

Healthcare Reform Law Reaches a Milestone (3/23)

Celebration Offers Educators Chance to Share and Learn (3/23)

International Summit Highlights Role of Teacher Voice (3/22)

AFT Offers Support to Japan's Disaster Victims (3/17)

People Across Ohio Say 'Enough Is Enough' (3/16)

AFT New Mexico Proposes Better Ways To Fund Education (3/15)

Fight in Wisconsin Shifts to Recall Effort (3/15)

Teachers Turn Out for Historic Indiana Rally (3/11)

Shanker Institute Calls for Common Content (3/11)

UW-Stout Faculty Defy Threats and Vote for the Union (3/10)

Florida Educators 'Awake the State' to Attacks (3/9)

Clergy Join Fight for Collective Bargaining in Ohio (3/9)

N.Y. Local Showcases Labor-Management Collaboration (3/7)

Wisconsin Workers Gain Global Labor Support (3/4)

Indiana Teachers Spearhead Statehouse Rally (3/4)

Moved to Tears in Wisconsin (3/4)

Providence Teachers Rally Against Mayor's Mass Firings (3/3)

Americans back unions and public employees on bargaining rights (3/2)

'Making a Difference Every Day Tour' Stops in Newark (3/1)

February 2011

Obama Says Public Employees Should Not Be Vilified (2/28)

Michigan Activists Question Governor's Budget Priorities (2/25)

Weingarten Proposes Aligning Evaluation and Due Process (2/24)

UW-La Crosse Faculty Overwhelmingly Vote 'Union Yes' (2/24)

Florida Fights To Keep Public Voice in Public Policy (2/24)

Ohioans Turn Out in Force To Protest Anti-Union Bill (2/23)

Unionists Rally in Montana To Denounce Budget Cuts (2/23)

AFT Members Speak Out About Hungry Kids at School (2/23)

Hoosier Labor Fights Back Against Anti-Union Proposals (2/23)

Supporters Across the Country Rally for Wisconsin Workers (2/22)

Making a Difference Tour: Collaboration Plays Well in Peoria (2/22)

Huge Crowds Rally in Wisconsin To Preserve Worker Rights (2/18)

AFT Locals Shine at National Collaboration Conference (2/18)

NYSUT Activists Urge Lawmakers Not To Erase Progress (2/15)

Maryland State Employees Ratify Contracts (2/15)

Coalitions Moving Forward on Nursing Recommendations (2/15)

Nurse Schedules Can Affect Quality of Care (2/15)

Wisconsin Governor Attacks Workers' Bargaining Rights (2/11)

Schools, Colleges Train Students for a Green Economy (2/10)

Graduation Coaches Go To Bat for Kids--and Each Other (2/9)

Long-Term Employment Picture Remains Bleak (2/7)

NFL Players, Fans, and the AFT (2/4)

AFT Condemns Attacks on Peaceful Egyptian Protesters (2/3)

Good Work Pays Off as School Board Rejects Privatization (2/1)

January 2011

Obama: Strong Schools Will Help Us 'Win the Future' (1/26)

Texas AFT Members Fight To Keep Reasonable Class Sizes (1/26)

Feinberg Proposes Plan To Ensure Fairness, Due Process (1/24)

Alabama Residential Program Gets Classroom Makeover (1/22)

Report Finds Pay Gaps Among Pennsylvania College Faculty (1/20)

Let's Get the Facts Straight About Public Employee Pensions (1/14)

Illinois Lawmakers Pass a Rare But Vital Tax Increase (1/14)

AFT Wisconsin Speaks Out Against Privatization Plan (1/13)

Public health preparedness: ready or not? (1/13)

New Resource Invites Students To Explore JFK's Legacy (1/12)

AFT Affiliates Gather To Discuss Tough Challenges Ahead (1/11)

States continue to DREAM (1/7)