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Central Falls News & Press

AFT News

May 16 - Central Falls Teachers Reach Agreement with District
The tentative agreement reached May 15 by the Central Falls School District and the Central Falls Teachers Union marks a significant turning point in the effort to transform Central Falls High School, AFT president Randi Weingarten says. read more

Mar 13 - Central Falls Negotiations To Resume with Mediator
For the first time since the superintendent fired more than 90 teachers and other staff at Central Falls (R.I.) High School in February, the two sides met in a closed session on March 11 to discuss the situation that has attracted national media attention.
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Mar 03 - Central Falls Superintendent Agrees To Resume Talks
The AFT is pleased that Central Falls (R.I.) Schools Superintendent Frances Gallo has agreed to go back to the table and work with the Central Falls Teachers Union ... read more

Mar 02 - AFL-CIO Council Condemns Central Falls Firings
Just hours after the AFL-CIO's executive council voted unanimously on March 2 to condemn the mass firing of all Central Falls High School staff in Rhode Island, the Central Falls Teachers Union offered a comprehensive reform plan ... read more

Mar 01 - Central Falls Report Blames School Leadership, Programs
In response to President Obama's March 1 comments, in which he condoned the mass firing of the Central Falls (R.I.) High School teachers, the AFT distributed a report from last year,... read more

Feb 26 - Firing Teachers Doesn't Help Central Falls Students
Central Falls High School in Rhode Island has become an unlikely source of national news headlines in the past few days, since the superintendent fired all the teachers.... read more

Feb 24 - Supporters Rally To Protest Central Falls Teacher Firings
Teachers, parents and students as well as community, political and union leaders protested the mass teacher firings at Central Falls (R.I.) High School at a Feb. 23 rally, saying there are proven, more promising ways to improve student achievement other than solely blaming the teachers.... read more

AFT Press Statements

May 16 - Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten On Central Falls High School Tentative Agreement and Reform Plan

Mar 18 - Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten

Mar 03 - Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten On Central Falls High School Negotiations

Mar 02 - AFT Thanks AFL-CIO for Condemning Central Falls Firings; Central Falls Teachers Offer Reform Proposal 

Mar 01 - AFT Statement On Teacher Firings in Central Falls, R.I.

Feb 24 - Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten On Teacher Firings in Central Falls, R.I.

News and Blogs

Mar 16 - Work with teachers, don't fire them
Esther Wojcicki,

Mar 11 - Opposing view: Don't scapegoat the teachers
Randi Weingarten, USA Today

Mar 11 - The fallout from teacher firings
Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe

Mar 03 - Firings no answer for schools
Danny Westneat, Seattle Times

Mar 03 - The teacher, the dentist, and the numbers
Bob Kerr, Providence Journal

Mar 02 - Central Falls Teachers Union Proposal

Mar 02 - Teacher firings and Obama comments stir serious backlash
Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

Mar 02 - First, Let's Fire All the Teachers!
Diane Ravitch, Huffington Post

Mar 02 - LCLAA National Executive Board Condemns the Actions Taken by the Superintendent of Central Falls
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

Mar 01 - Obama Criticized By AFT For Condoning RI Teacher Firings
Frank James, National Public Radio

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