Watch Your Mailbox for Your New Membership Card

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Starting in late January, AFT members across the country will start receiving their new AFT membership cards in the mail. Once you receive your card—the entire mailing is scheduled to be completed by late February—you will want to validate it on the members section of the new AFT Web site. That will give you not only access to exclusive members-only discounts on retail shopping, entertainment, travel, magazine subscriptions, mortgage services and insurance, but also the chance to win prizes, including $500.

AFT membership cardThe newly designed cards are made of a more durable recycled plastic and will be valid as long as your membership status remains "active." As before, each card will contain your local's name and number, along with your own unique identification number. This unique number will be your key to accessing online member benefits. Current membership cards will remain valid until the new cards are received.

AFT members in Florida, Minnesota, Montana and New York, as well as members of the Oregon School Employees Association and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association, will not receive cards, but can use their current state membership ID number to register online and be eligible for the same prizes as other members.

For more information, e-mail membership@aft.org or call 888/AFT-JOIN (888/238-5646).

January 9, 2010