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Differentiated Pay: Examples from the Field

Douglas County Federation of Teachers and Douglas County School District, Colorado

Douglas County teachers negotiated their first pay plan with the Douglas County public schools in 1994. The differentiated pay plan includes group incentives, extra pay for extra responsibilities, additional compensation for reaching milestones such as "outstanding teacher" and "master teacher" and for acquiring new skills that support the district plan. For more information, contact DCFT president:

St. Francis Federation of Teachers and Independent School District 15, Minnesota

The St. Francis Federation of Teachers negotiated with the St. Francis public schools a Student Performance Improvement Plan. It provides a base salary for teachers as well as a series of promotions based on such factors as demonstrated student growth and annual performance reviews. For more information, contact St. Francis Federation of Teachers president:

Toledo Federation of Teachers and Toledo Public Schools, Ohio

The Toledo Federation of Teachers and the Toledo public schools collaboratively developed, during 2001 contract negotiations, the Toledo Review and Alternative Compensation System (TRACS). In exchange for better pay and new career paths focused on instructional leadership, Toledo teachers assumed additional curriculum, instructional and school improvement responsibilities. For more information, contact TRACS coordinator Joan Kuchcinski at:

United Federation of Teachers and the City of New York

In 2007, the United Federation of Teachers and the city of New York agreed to develop a locally negotiated, voluntary, school-wide initiative that rewards and promotes the collaborative work environment favored by New York City educators. The agreement emphasizes the UFT's right to collectively bargain the components of a pay system that accurately and fairly reflects the work of teachers. For more information, contact UFT president at:

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