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The Appropriate Use of Student Assessments CoverThe Appropriate Use of Student Assessments
In this brochure, the AFT advocates on behalf of teachers and their students for sound assessment policies and practices that are aligned to standards and curriculum. 8 pages. (June 2008)





"Failing" or "Succeeding" Schools:  How Can We Tell? Cover"Failing" or "Succeeding" Schools: How Can We Tell?
Written by Paul Barton and published by the AFT, this report argues that our country has drifted into the accountability systems in use today, either under individual state laws or as mandated by the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Documenting how this drift occurred, this report makes the claim that today’s accountability systems too often don’t accurately identify school effectiveness. The paper describes how these accountability systems not only fall short of the intentions of the law—whether state or federal—but also may lead to misidentifications with huge consequences for schools, teachers and students. (September 2006)



Game Plan Cover Game Plan
This article describes what a Smart Testing program looks like in Norfolk, Via. Norfolk is an AFT award-winning local where testing is directly integrated into teaching and learning and where data use is the norm. 4 pages. (March 2007). 





The Instructional Demands of Standards-Based  Reform CoverThe Instructional Demands of Standards-Based Reform
If we are to achieve the promise of the standards movement, we need to understand the demands of standards-based instruction and develop the capacity of every classroom teacher to carry it out effectively. Learn about the key differences between standards-based and traditional instructional planning in this paper prepared for the AFT by Kate Jamentz, Director of Professional and Organizational Learning at WestEd. (May 2003, Reprinted June 2009)





Kissing the Frog: How Teachers Can Transform Testing CoverKissing the Frog: How Teachers Can Transform Testing

In this 2001 plenary speech at AFT’s biennial QuEST professional development conference, Mari Pearlman, of ETS, describes the role teachers can play in improving the development of tests and provides suggestions for teachers to use data in the classroom to help inform instruction. 11 pages (July 2001).





Setting Strong Standards CoverSetting Strong Standards
The AFT developed a set of criteria for members and others to use in developing or reviewing student achievement standards. The criteria offers a clear vision to educators and policymakers at all levels of what useful standards should look like.  (June 2003).





Sizing Up State Standards 2008 CoverSizing Up State Standards 2008
Since 1995, the AFT has tracked states' efforts to implement strong academic standards. This 2008 report finds that while states have made progress over the past decade, more work remains to ensure all students are exposed to knowledge-rich, comprehensive standards in every grade. (March 2008)





Skill Standards for Education Paraprofessionals CoverSkill Standards for Education Paraprofessionals
The AFT was the lead organization for a Department of Labor-funded project to define skill standards for paraprofessionals. This research-based document provides criteria on job duties, skills and knowledge and performance standards for the work of paraprofessionals in general education, special education and early childhood programs.





Smart Testing: Let's Get It Right CoverSmart Testing: Let's Get It Right
According to this new report on statewide testing released by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), most states have made progress in developing clear grade-by-grade standards, but many have not aligned their high-stakes math, reading and science tests with a strong set of content standards, which leads to a distorted picture of how students, schools and teachers are performing. (July 2006)





Standards for a Profession—AFT’s standards for paraprofessionals coverStandards for a Profession—AFT’s standards for paraprofessionals
The report of the AFT's Committee on Paraprofessional Certification provides an overview of the AFT’s position on the role and responsibilities of instructional paraprofessionals and the skills and knowledge required to do this important work. 





Where We Stand: Standards-Based Assessment  and Accountability CoverWhere We Stand: Standards-Based Assessment and Accountability

This booklet contains resolutions on standards and assessments passed at the 2002 AFT convention. Also included are a question-and-answer section, background information, and background reading. (June 2003)