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School Discipline Elements

Establish alternative placements for chronically disruptive and violent students

Some students with poor behavior do not respond to even the most skilled efforts of behavior specialists. These students must be removed from the regular education setting both for their own sakes and in order not to jeopardize their classmates' education. It is not desirable, however, to merely suspend or expel them. When removed from school and left unsupervised, they have no opportunity to learn new ways to conduct themselves. They fall behind in school and beyond the sphere of the positive influence of the school setting. Instead they need appropriate, intensive assistance that can only be provided outside the regular classroom. They need alternative placements that meet their needs for supervision, remediation of behavior and maintenance of academic progress.

These placements range from settings where students are taught social skills and kept abreast of their academic program to environments where a range of social and psychological services are offered to what are known as "wraparound" programs. Good wraparound programs link the student and his or her family to community-based social service agencies, law enforcement, courts and corrections. All parties join together to create an individually tailored, comprehensive treatment plan for the student.