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Work Shouldn't Hurt - Introduction


All too often, we take the aches and pains of work in a school setting as "just part of the job." Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. Researchers and unions have made great strides to improve working conditions by promoting "ergonomics" as an approach to help prevent workplace injuries. Quite simply, this means designing work to meet the needs of workers rather than making workers adapt to dangerous conditions. This simple approach can prevent injuries, disabilities and job loss for thousands of school employees every year. This publication summarizes--by job classification--tasks and activities that can put you at risk for musculoskeletal injuries. It also describes methods you and your union can use to correct hazardous conditions.

The AFT-PSRP Department can provide further information on ergonomics and preventive programs through the AFT-PSRP Occupational Safety and Health Program at 202-393-5674.