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Bake Sale for America's Future

Bake Sale

Think about a really successful bake sale at your school. Maybe it brought in $500, $1,000 or even $2,000. Those are nice totals when the proceeds go for new books, art supplies, PE equipment or other relatively low-cost items. But how many cupcakes would need to be sold to keep our educators in the classroom and our school buildings safe and sound?

On Oct. 14, host a bake sale at your school, in your community or even in front of the local office of your member of Congress, and send a simple message: Our children and our communities need the American Jobs Act; they can't rely on bake sales.

Clearly, small-scale fundraising is not the solution to providing our children with the educators and modern facilities they need and deserve. Fortunately, President Obama has a proposal that will help meet those needs: The American Jobs Act will prevent the layoff of as many as 280,000 educators and will fund the repair and modernization of 35,000 schools.

Please register here to host a bake sale in your community on Oct. 14.