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Superstorm Sandy:
Resource Guide for AFT Members

Superstorm Sandy Donate

Tens of thousands of AFT members were personally and professionally affected by Superstorm Sandy. The AFT has created this online resource guide to assist members as they continue to work hard to rebuild their homes, restore and provide essential services to the public, reopen their classrooms, and help their students and co-workers put their lives back together.

In challenging times like these, the solidarity and support of the labor movement shines through. AFT staff are in contact with state and local affiliates to gauge their needs.

This is just the start of the AFT's work to help members affected by Superstorm Sandy; revisit this page for updates and upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Support your fellow union members! Here are three ways you can help:


Visit this page of national and state-by-state resources.

Share Your Story

We want to know how Superstorm Sandy has affected you. See box at right for details.

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[AFT video by Brett Sherman and Matthew Jones]