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AFT Members Making a Difference

In a union where every member often does heroic duty without giving it a second thought, there are nevertheless some very special AFT members who have gone above and beyond—both in and outside the workplace—to help their students succeed, or to provide exemplary service to the public, or just to make their communities better places to live. The profiles below highlight some of those outstanding AFT members.


Debra Calvino Deborah Cannada Lewis Chappelear Debi Chowdury Jason Chuong
Debra Calvino
Valley Central, N.Y.
'Always a way to reach a student'
Deborah Cannada
Kanawha, W. Va.
The 'paws' that refreshes
Lewis Chappelear
Los Angeles, Calif.
Making incredible connections with students
Debi Chowdhury
Albany, N.Y.
Showing compassion
on the job
Jason Chuong
Philadelphia, Pa.
Helping students hear the beat
David Cooper Margaret Espinoza Nick Faber Christy Gill Dan Gregerman
David Cooper
Lexington, Ky.
Inspired teaching engages community college students
Margaret Espinoza
New York, N.Y.
Rising to the 9/11 challenge
Nick Faber
St. Paul, Minn.
A leader in and out
of the classroom
Christy Gill
Lookout, W. Va.
Using art to teach
other cultures
Dan Gregerman
Skokie, Ill.
A choral director jazzes it up
Hueck Maggie Hyland Charles Johnson Robert Johnson Johnson-Cao
Erick Hueck
Miami, Fla.
A science teacher’s success
Maggie Hyland
Pine Bush, N.Y.
Where the 3 R's meet the 3 H's
Charles Johnson
Dallas, Texas
Caring for homeless teenagers
Robert Johnson
Washington, D.C.
At the crossroads of early learning
Janie Johnson-Cao
Denver, Colo.
Instilling a love of learning
Photo coming soon Karen King Ann Kouatly Lawrence Jodi Levy
Ondrea Johnston
Boston, Mass.
Building math knowledge and life skills
Karen King
Newtown, Conn.
Brings the world to her students
Ann Kouatly
Windham, Conn.
A librarian's extra effort
Cassandra Lawrence
Perth Amboy, N.J.
Building a classroom community
Jody Levy
Osseo, Minn.
Caring and good teaching go hand in hand
Pat Mangan Obie Murphy okeefe Rebecca Palacios Brad Parker
Pat Mangan
New York, N.Y.
Winning on the court—and in the classroom
Obie Murphy
Sandy, Ore.
A love supreme
Lisa O'Keefe
Pasco County, Fla.
Making music to
make a difference
Rebecca Palacios
Corpus Christi, Texas
A continuing passion for education
Brad Parker
Chicago, Ill.
'Developing lifelong learners who care about the world'
Travis Parker Jeffrey Peneston John Raines Christine Rowland Christine Sharp
Travis Parker
Sacramento, Calif.
Giving young men direction and guidance
Jeffry Peneston
Liverpool, N.Y.
For the love of nature
John Raines
Philadelphia, Pa.
Freedom Rider shares journey from privilege to protest
Christine Rowland
New York, N.Y.
A commitment to excellence
Christine Sharp
NYSUT retiree
Serving as a role model for other retired members
Walton Xiao-Lin Yin-Croft
Alucia Walton
Savannah, Ga.
A successful experiment
Xiao-Lin Yin-Croft
San Francisco, Calif.
Bilingual teacher helps other immigrants