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Porter Scholars Program 2012 Winners

We are happy to announce this year's winners:

4-Year Winners

  • Anne Archambeau (mother, Sandra, is a member of Superior (WI) Federation of Teachers, Local 202)
  • Rebecca Caughron (mother, Karen, is a member of Health Professionals & Allied Employees (NJ), Local 5131)
  • Julia Conrad (father, Thomas, is a member of Scarsdale (NY) Teachers Association, Local 2989)
  • Paul Meosky (mother, Helen Drew-Meosky, is a member of United University Professions (NY), Local 2190)

Grant winners

  • Mohamad Ali (Oregon School Employees Association, Local 6732)
  • Christopher Davis (San Jose (CA) Federation of Teachers, Local 957)
  • Keresha J. Durham (Greater Santa Cruz (CA) Federation, Local 2030)
  • Pearl P. English (Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Local 3)
  • Cheryl Malet (Denver (CO) Federation for Paraprofessionals & Nutrition Service Employees, Local 4463)
  • Kelly McClendon (University City (MO) Federation of Teachers/Support-Related Personnel, Local 3179)
  • Paula Serritella (Harborfields Teaching Assistants Association (NY), Local 7940)
  • Tracy Theard (AFT Local 604)
  • Jesse Todd (Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Local 3)
  • Nettie Yazzie (Federation of Indian Service Employees (NM), Local 4524)