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Global Affiliates and Partners

In its international efforts, the AFT works directly with:

Education International
As the largest global teacher organization, Education International (EI) represents more than 30 million workers from all areas of the education sector. EI is composed of 401 member organizations in 172 countries and territories. Its programs seek to promote professional and industrial rights for teachers and other education personnel, support democracy and social justice through the development of quality public education for all, develop participatory and leadership roles for women in education and society, and safeguard the human rights of indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, migrants and children.

Public Services International
Public Services International (PSI) is a global federation of more than 650 trade unions in 150 countries, representing more than 20 million workers. PSI and its affiliates foster quality public services that meet the needs of workers and their communities. As such, the organization conducts campaigns about water, energy, health services, gender equality, worker rights, trade union capacity, equity and diversity.

The AFL-CIO and its American Center for International Labor Solidarity
The Solidarity Center assists workers around the world in building democratic, independent trade unions and meeting the challenges of a new global economy. It cooperates with unions and community groups to help workers stand up for their rights and improve their local working and living conditions. In addition, it contributes to various projects that promote democracy and freedom around the globe.

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