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Somalia and the Horn of Africa

Resources for teachers and school staff

Since November 2010, the large region of Eastern Africa has experienced a devastating drought, which has led to a severe food and water crisis for the people living in this area. Known as the Horn of Africa, this region includes northern Kenya, southern Ethiopia, south-central Somalia and Djibouti. Experts say this is the worst drought in 60 years, affecting approximately 12 million people; including nearly 3 million children. Children are being especially hard hit in Somalia.

The drought has ravaged crops and decimated livestock. It also has led to soaring food and water prices, so many people cannot afford to buy food. Large numbers of the population are facing starvation and struggling to find just one meal a day.

Families are forced to walk miles looking for food and water. Many have walked for weeks to the nearest refugee camp looking for help. The camps are facing their own crisis as the numbers of people needing help are swelling beyond the camps’ intended capacity. The largest refugee camp in the world is now in Dadaab, Kenya, which is severely overcrowded, with more than 300,000 inhabitants in a facility intended for 90,000 people.

The next rainfall in the region isn’t expected to come until early 2012. Everyone has a role to play in helping the families in the Horn of Africa—from raising awareness in our own communities to seeking out organizations that are working tirelessly to provide help to the area. This resource provides teachers and school staff with activities and information to raise student awareness of this issue.

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