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Democracy and Human Rights

Unions are a key actor in civil society that allows democratic governance to thrive. At the same time, governments must recognize the existence of fundamental human rights for a strong union movement to form. The AFT thus considers promotion of democracy and human rights around the world to be a key mission of the international labor movement. It promotes this mission in several ways.

Campaigns and Projects

Through its international affairs department, the AFT is involved in several important global campaigns and projects. It has been a leader in response to humanitarian concerns including the HIV/AIDS crisis and child labor. Through the Education for Democracy project, the union advances civic education around the world. Moreover, the AFT is a part of the Global Campaign for Education, which calls for the world to live up to the promise of the Millennium Development Goals and provide free basic education for all children.  Go to Campaigns

Awards and Speakers

The Bayard Rustin Human Rights Award, named for the famous civil rights leader, is presented biennially to commemorate outstanding work advancing human rights. The President’s International Democracy Award, given for the first time in 2008, honors young activists who have made significant contributions to democratic movements.  Go to Awards

Letters from the President

The AFT president frequently sends letters of protest or praise to officials in other countries in response to particular events or issues of concern.  Go to Letters