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Teaching Materials

In Our Own Backyard is supplemented by a DVD and poster designed to enhance classroom instruction about child labor.

"Why Should Ending Child Labor Be a Priority?" To learn more about why the AFT considers ending child labor a priority, please view our factsheet.

Media Voices for Children, an online media advocate for children’s rights, provides downloadable videos and documents to enhance study of child labor.

The Child Labor Public Education Project, sponsored by the Labor Center and Child Labor Research Initiative at the University of Iowa, contains workshop materials for lessons about child labor.

The plentiful resources at the American Labor Studies Center allow social studies teachers to incorporate social and labor history into their classes.

The Library of Congress has developed a helpful set of lesson plans about child labor.

Youth Advocate Program International offers curriculum modules regarding the most important children's rights issues facing the world today.

Educators developing lessons on child labor may also want to explore the Voices of Youth Web site, produced by UNICEF.

For more information about the history of child labor in the United States, please visit Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the Smithsonian Institution's online exhibit about sweatshops in the United States.

The International Labor Rights Fund has produced a series of colorful, educational posters about child labor.

Training manual to fight trafficking in children for labour, sexual and other forms of exploitation—Facilitators' Guide (Available in English, Spanish and French.)

The Safe Work for Youth kit is designed for those who work with or on behalf of older children: program planners, project managers, vocational training institutions, workers’ representatives and partner agencies.

The PeaceWaves Kids Guernica project engages young people in educational activities leading to the creation of giant canvases on issues related to peace. Child labor has become a central issue within the framework of the IPEC PeaceWaves partnership, and a series of canvases have been created on this theme.

The entire SCREAM series (kit included)—Supporting Children’s Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media.

Children’s poems on child labor.  A collection of poems written by children from around the world on child labor.

Free The Children is a program started by youth to help other youth around the world.



International Organizations

The Web site of the Child Labor Coalition provides extensive information about child labor in the United States and around the world, including information regarding pending legislation and current campaigns.

The AFT is an active participant in the comprehensive campaign against child labor led by Education International, which represents nearly 30 million education professionals around the world.

The AFT also works with the Global Campaign for Education, a civil society movement that strives for universal access to education, to eradicate child labor.

The International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC), run by the International Labour Organization (ILO), publishes data pertaining to child labor and the international laws and standards that govern it.

The International Labor Rights Fund Web site has numerous resources about campaigns to end child labor.

The Children's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch monitors human rights abuses against children around the world and works to end them.

Domestic Organizations

The Children in the Fields campaign, organized by the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP), strives to improve the quality of life of migrant and seasonal farmworkers' children by advocating for enhanced educational opportunities and the elimination of discriminatory federal child labor laws in agriculture.

Farmworker Justice is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States through litigation, administrative and legislative advocacy, training and technical assistance, coalition building, public education and support for union organizing.

For the U. S. Department of Labor's official position on child labor, please visit the department's Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT) Web Site.