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Membership dues

The AFT constitution and bylaws require full affiliation with the state and national AFT as well as the state and national AFL-CIO. Members' dues [link to glossary term] will include affiliation with each of these organizations as well as their own local union dues. The amount of the dues paid to each organization is set democratically by delegates and representatives from the affiliated organizations and are set forth in the constitution and bylaws of each organization. These dues will vary from state to state and from local union to local union. The AFT constitution does provide different dues categories for part-time workers and for those with salaries below a specified amount.

Members’ dues are used to strengthen the AFT through organizing, providing affiliates and member services, and supporting professional issues.

AFT dues and political candidates

Members’ dues are not used to fund the AFT’s political education program or support political candidates. AFT has a separate political action fund that we encourage members to contribute to voluntarily so that we can have a voice in the political arena.

All voting members of the union have a say in deciding if the union will support any candidate in an election and to whom the union will give that support. The AFT requires that 60 percent of the voting members—a "super majority"—is necessary to endorse a candidate at the national level. AFT locals are advised to follow this rule in making local political endorsements, but a majority vote is legal.

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