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This section includes resolutions that are referred to in various areas of the AFT Web site.



Early Childhood Education for the 21st Century

Highly Skilled Worker Migration

Preparing Students and Workers for Good Jobs and Rewarding Public and Private Sector Careers in a Green Economy

Safe Transportation for America's Students



A Living Wage and Access to Affordable Healthcare for SRPs

Faculty and College Excellence Campaign

Fundamental Support Services in Education

Government and the Common Good

Green Schools and Colleges

No Child Left Behind Act

Union Learning Representatives

Zimbabwe: Political, Trade Union and Human Rights



Recruiting and Retaining Teachers in Hard-to-Staff Schools

Urging TIAA-CREF to Continue Developing Shareholder Activism in Support of Labor Rights in the United States and Abroad

Federal Aid Requirements and Military Recruitment in the Schools



AFT Communities

AFT Urges Spellings Commission on Future of Higher Education to Strengthen, Not Weaken, Higher Education

Addressing the Academic Staffing Crisis

Adolescent Literacy

Aid to Locals with Members in Sick Buildings

Boycott Wal-Mart


Clean and Fair Elections

Defend Affirmative Action Against Ward Connerly's Attack

Defend Public School Integration Plans at the U.S. Supreme Court

Defending Defined-Benefit Pensions

Election Day as a National Holiday

Elections as Public Sector Work

Ending Dating Relationship Violence

English Language Learners

Fair Trade

Family and Medical Leave Act

Fulfilling our Nation's Promise

Healthcare: A System in Crisis

Improving the Medicare Part D Drug Benefit

In Support of the Faculty's Right to Collective Bargaining at Quinnipiac University

In Support of Union Schools

Increasing AFT Members' Awareness of HIV/AIDS in the United States

Job Protection and Seniority Provisions for Contingent Faculty

National Children's Study

No Child Left Behind

Nurse Supervisory Status

Opposition to the 65 Percent Solution Initiative

Opposition to the Expansion of GATS

Opposition to the Genocide in Darfur

Opposition to the So-called Academic Bill of Rights and Support for the Campaign for Free Exchange on Campus

Position on Magnet Recognition

Renewal of National Voting Rights Act of 1965

Resist Narrowing of the Curriculum Due to Standardized Tests

Restoring Respect and Appreciation for the Role of Government in our Democracy

Retirement Security

The Rights of Immigrant Workers

Sexual Harassment

Special Order of Business on State-Sponsored Terrorist and the Crisis in the Middle East

State and Federal Legislation of Healthcare Staffing

Strengthening Pandemic Flu Planning and Response

Striking Nurses of Englewood Hospital: 'Their Fight is our Fight'

Support for Reproductive Rights

Support of Striking Teachers Attacked by Police  in Oaxaca, Mexico

Supporting the Protection of Those Needed to Protect America in Times of Crisis

Take Back the Public Debate for Educational Reform

Tuition Tax Credits

U.S. Policy in Iraq

Wall of Shame



Support of S.1545 (Dream Act) and H.R. 1648 (Student Adjustment Act)

Workers' Rights are Human Rights

Rebuilding After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

On the Passing of AFT President Emeritus Sandra Feldman

The Association of University Teachers (AUT) and Boycotts of Israeli Universities

Support for Tsunami Victims




Establish No-Lifting Policies in All Hospitals and Healthcare Settings

Opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment

Bush Administration Threats to Science and Scientific Integrity

Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Resolution

The Care of Children with Diabetes

Healthy Schools - Obesity

Hong Kong


Marriage Equality

Moving Every Child Forward (NCLB)

Nursing Education Mandatory Regulation for RNs to Acquire a BSN

Oppose Privatization of Public Higher Education

Opposition to Outside Control Over Academic Decision Making Under the Banner of Intellectual Diversity

Resolution On Abu Ghraib

Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification

Protecting the Right to Overtime Pay

Reform of the Patriot Act: Protecting America and the Rights of its Citizens

Reviewing Institutional Accreditation and Standards Regarding Contingent-Academic Faculty

Special Order of Business: Opposition to National Labor Relations Board Ruling in Brown University Barring Graduate Employees from Organizing Under the National Labor Relations Act

Special Order of Business: Tribute to Sandra Feldman


Support of H.R. 603, on the Status of Citizens of Montserrat Residing in the United States


AFT's Administrative Procedures for Assuring Fiduciary Accountability on Behalf of AFT Members

AFT Resolution on Iraq

To Support the Affirmative Action Policy at the University of Michigan before the U.S. Supreme Court

AFT Resolution on Democracy and Trade Union Rights in China and Hong Kong


Achieving the Goals of Standards-Based Reform

Adequate Federal Funding to Protect Quality Government Services

Building an Accessible, Affordable, High-Quality Health System in America

Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century

Certified Professional Teachers and Confidential Student Information

Condemning the Use of Torture

Crisis in Affordable Housing

Diversity Recruitment and Faculty Development in Public Higher Education in the Reauthorization of Title II and II of the Higher Education Act (2003-2004)

Early Childhood Education

Every Child Needs a School Nurse

Fair Collection of Sales Taxes on Electronic Commerce

Federal Loan Forgiveness for Teachers in Schools

Filipino Veterans Equity Act

Health Insurance and Mental Illness

Helping Our African Colleagues in their Heroic Struggle Against the AIDS Plague

In Support of the Federacion de Maestros de Puerto Rico

Include Public Institutions Serving Recent Immigrants in Title III in the Renewal of the Higher Education Act

Inclusion of Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel in the Development and Implementation of School/Campus Emergency Plans

Indoor Air Quality

K-12 Labor Education

Monitoring and Controlling the Misassignment of Paraprofessionals as Substitute Teachers

On the Events of September 11, 2001, and the U.S. War Against Terror

On U.S. Re-Entrance to UNESCO

Opposition to the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Plan to Privatize BIA Schools

Prescription Drugs through Medicare

Professional Compensation for Teachers

Protecting Workers' Retirement Security and Preventing Future Enrons

Public Schools and Boy Scouts of America Teaching Citizenship for All

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment

Reform Labor Law

Set Limits, Save Lives: The Need for Staffing Ratios and/or Workload Limitations

Shared Governance in Colleges and Universities

Social Security

Social Security Offset and Public Employees Social Security Benefit Reductions

Standards-Based Assessment and Accountability

Standards of Good Practice in the Employment of Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty

Standing Against Discrimination Based on Genetic Information

Strengthen Social Security

Support for the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

Support of Immigrant Rights

Support of Public Employees Salary Equity

Transforming and Modernizing Family Leave into Leave with Pay

Tribute to Rollie William Hopgood, A Man of Action

Union-Sponsored Professional Development



Events of September 11, 2001 and the War Against Terror

Promoting Quality Healthcare Through Error Reduction



AIDS Plague in Africa

Charter Schools

Ensuring High Quality in Distance Education for College Credit

Fair Funding for Federal Special Education Mandates

Fair Health Care Benefits for All Public Employees

Human Rights for Women in Afghanistan

Human Rights in China

Increased Access to Prescription Drugs

Living Wage

Nursing Shortage

Opposing the Abuse of Non-Permanent Temporary and Part-time Employees in K-12 School Districts and Higher Education

Paraprofessionals and Title I

Paraprofessionals and School-related Personnel's Role in Preventing School Violence and Maintaining Safe and Orderly Schools

Part-time Faculty Compensation and Benefits

Political Action

Protecting Patients and Promoting Quality Health Services

Public Health Care Institutions

Public School Funding

Quality Government Services

Reducing Sharps and Needlesticks Injuries

Regulating the Sale of Competitive Foods in Schools

Restoration of Appropriate Reimbursement Rates for Hospitals

State Employees Fair Labor Rights

Strengthening AFT Organizing

Support for Ergonomics Standard

Teacher Education and Teacher Quality

United Students Against Sweatshops Movement


Vocational Education at the Crossroads

Worker Rights and Democracy in the Global Economy



Redesigning Low-Performing Schools

State Legislation of Health Care Staffing

Teacher Quality

The Use of Mandatory Overtime



Federal Funding for Alternative Schools

Healthcare Staffing

Prevention of Workplace Violence

Public Employee Safety and Health Resolution



Alternative Programs and Violence Prevention

Inclusion of Students with Disabilities



Security, Safety and Discipline

National Education Standards and Assessments



Ban on Mandatory Overtime for Health Care Workers