AFT + Legal & Financial Services

Legal Services

AFT + legal services makes it easy for members and their families to get the legal help they need to avoid and solve legal problems—and usually for free! One toll-free call or visit to the Web puts you in touch with a nationwide network law offices that offer free 30-minute consultations and discounted services.
New York State United Teachers members have a legal services program through NYSUT Member Benefits Trust. NYSUT members can call 800-626-8101 for more information.

Credit Card

The AFT + credit card program offers three credit card options that AFT members and their families can apply for.

Credit and Budget Counseling

Certified credit counselors are available 24 hours a day to help members with confidential financial guidance, free consumer credit counseling services and discounted debt-management assistance.


This program offers members, their parents and their adult children protections and exclusive benefits not found anywhere else. The program is available for home mortgages as well as refinancing on existing mortgages.

Real Estate Program

The Union Plus Real Estate Rewards Program could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on your next home sale or purchase.
You can earn $50 cash back after closing for every $10,000 in home sale or purchase price when you work with highly qualified, pre-screened, SIRVA-approved real estate agents.

Save My Home Hotline

A dedicated Save My Home Hotline staffed by HUD-trained counselors is available free to all AFT members to discuss mortgage issues. The service is provided through the nonprofit Money Management International, which is accredited to provide counseling for union members facing foreclosure.