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Research Internships

The Research and Information Services Department supports AFT members and staff by ensuring that the most up-to-date research, information and quality analysis are available to assist AFT members and staff to effectively meet the AFT’s goals. Our mission is to provide local, state and national AFT leaders with valuable reinforcements around the issues of building union capacity, collective bargaining, fiscal analysis, employee benefits and state legislative research. In the Research and Information Services Department we:

  • Monitor state legislative efforts that affect AFT members;
  • Analyze charter school, voucher and tuition tax credit finance issues;
  • Support collective bargaining efforts across the country through data collection, fiscal analysis, contract analysis and workshops;
  • Conduct an annual 50-state teacher salary survey;
  • Produce annual publications, including the Survey and Trends in Teacher Salaries, Status of Health Care Workers, Public Employee Salary Survey, PSRP Salary Survey and the Benefits Bulletin;
  • Respond to daily information requests.

Interns in the AFT Research and Information Services Department receive hands-on experience with the wide-ranging activities of our staff that works with all AFT constituencies. Intern responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assisting with contract analysis, tracking state legislative issues, accessing online databases, assisting with publications and responding to daily data requests.

Candidates should be interested in public policy and the role of unions in shaping public policy that will enable AFT members to continue to provide quality services. Analytic and writing skills are important. Experience with statistics, computer graphics, Internet research and interest in public finance issues are also desirable.

Application details for internships in this department are found on the main internship page.